Sheriff’s Office fails to Protect and Serve

Sheriff’s Office fails to Protect and Serve

According to the Houston Chronicle, friends and family of Oliver “Bubba” Bills, Jr. continuously called the San Jacinto Sheriff’s Office for help on Saturday, November 9, 2010.  Seven hours later, a squad car was dispatched to the Bills’ home, only to find Mr. Bills, his mother, his girlfriend, and her 4 year old daughter dead.  The Sheriff’s Office advised that only four squad cars were available on Saturday, and that a serious accident and another incident prevented them from sending a unit out to Mr. Bills’ home right away.

The Sheriff’s Office should concern itself with serving the community by providing timely aid, instead of finding excuses to defend itself when they don’t do their job.  We have all heard stories of calls that are never answered.  A couple of years ago, I called the non-emergency line, as the Bills did in this case, because of an altercation outside my home.  A group of people outside were arguing and fighting, and it appeared the outcome was going to be deadly, as some serious threats were said back and forth. I waited around for someone to show up after I made that one phone call but no one ever did.

The family and friends of Mr. Bills did not only call once asking for help; they called numerous times and for hours.  The Sheriff’s Office should understand that people call for help because they need it and that if they would have promptly answered these people’s call for help, 4 people would probably not be dead today.

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